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Threaded Flanges
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Also known as a screwed flange, the threaded flange is similar to the slip-on except the bore is threaded. The main benefit of this flange is that it can be assembled without welding, facilitating use in low pressure services at ordinary temperatures, and in highly volatile areas where welding is hazardous.

Threaded pipe flanges are similar to slip-on pipe flanges except the bore of threaded pipe flange has tapered threads. Threaded pipe flanges are used with pipes that have external threads. The benefit of these pipe flanges is that it can be attached without welding. Threaded pipe flanges are often used for small diameter, high pressure requirements.

Threaded pipe flanges are typically provided with a raised face, flat face, or RTJ facing. When a raised face is necessary for threaded pipe flanges, the standard height is 1/16" for threaded pipe flanges under 400#. For threaded pipe flanges of 400# and up, the standard threaded pipe flange raised face height is 1/4".

Liberty Flange manufactures threaded pipe flanges in all steel material grades, including carbon threaded pipe flanges, stainless steel threaded pipe flanges and alloy threaded pipe flanges. Liberty Flange also has many different threaded pipe flanges in stock and ready to ship.

Our slip-on flanges are available with raised, flat, or RTJ faces, and are also available in orifice configurations.

These flanges are available in all of our stainless steel and chrome-moly grades,from ½” to 36” and beyond. We can also source many of your other grade requirements

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