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      Stainless Steel Flanges  
Stainless Steel Flanges
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Name:  Stainless steel flanges


1. Manufacture standard: GB/T9112-9124, HJ20592-20635, SH3406, ANSIB16.5 JISB2220. GB/T12459 GB/T13401 SH3408 SH3409 HG/T21635 HG/T21631 SY/T0510 SY5257 DL/T695 DL/T515 EJ/T404 ASME/ANSIB16.9, B16.28, Mss Sp-43 ANSI/ASME B36.10M /B36.19M JISB2311/JISB2312 DIN2605-1 GB/T14383

2. Type of flange and pipe fittings: (PL)Plate-type Flat Welding Flange, (SO)Slip-on Neck Flange, (WN)Butt Welding Neck Flange, (SW) Socket Welding Flange, (TH) Thread Flange, (PJ/SE) Butt Welding Ring Loose Flange, (PJ/PR) Flat Welding Ring Loose Flange, (BL)Blind Flange, (BL(S)) Lining Blind Flange and elbows(45° 90° 180°) tees (straight and reducing) Reducers (concentric and eccentric) caps lap joint stub ends Butt-welding Concentric & Eccentric Reducers Butt-welding caps, elbow Butt-welding reducer Butt-welding straight tees Butt-welding reducing tees Butt-welding elbows and returns lap joint stub end etc Butt-welding fittings and lap joint stub end steel Butt-welding fittings elbow and bent pipe socket welding fittings threaded fittings

3. Style of flange sealing face: (RF), (FF), (MFM), (LG), (RG).

4. Pressure class (Mpa): 0.25--50

5. Package: wooden box

We provides ASME Code and Non Code Industrial flanges for the Petrochemical, Process, & Waterworks industries. ANSI, API, AWWA pipe flanges in carbon, stainless, alloys and chrome steel. Weld Neck, Slip on, Blind, Threaded, socket weld, Lap Joint, Orifice Flanges in sizes 1/2" to 198".

This flange can be applied to petro-chemical project, pipe engineering, public applicances, etc.

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